Dare to be different. Never be afraid to have a go.

Boats, For Sale, Lighthouses, Windmill, Work in progress


Stick your neck out is about having a go.  It is the culmination of years of ideas but never having the confidence to do it.  Finally somebody came into my life that taught me to stop hiding, stick my neck out and never be afraid to have a go.

The diverse range of materials used, stems from a hatred of wastage and the fact that I just can’t stop collecting treasures as I wander around the beautiful world we live in.
I am lucky enough to spend the majority of my time on and around the water. With every high tide comes a changing landscape.  Storms come and go. The lighthouse (a favourite of mine), hope within the destruction.
Once the storm passes, the landscape becomes littered with what I can only describe as treasure.
My work is based upon things that make me smile. I will utilise whatever I can from what I collect but will also make some parts. Other materials will largely come from offcuts that have no use elsewhere. Common themes will occur, but an awful lot will depend on that which I find on the waters edge.
Here are just a few of the results. All are one offs and all are handmade.
Hopefully you will find similar enjoyment to that which I had when I made them all.


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