What an unbelievable week or so…..


A few weeks ago I was commissioned by a neighbour a make a windmill similar to the one I made my Dad for Fathers day.  I took it to her last night and she loved it.image

I also had a special commission by a dear friend for her partners birthday. An actual real lighthouse was a new challenge.  The fine details had to be so exact in order for it to become the lighthouse in question.

The Eddystone Lighthouse…..imageimage

If that excitment wasn’t enough, yesterday I made my very first internet sale.

It really did mean so much to me that finally somebody that didn’t know me, actually liked one of my pieces enough to buy. I was so pleased I managed to get it to them in time for their Fathers birthday.

To make it even better they really liked it and left me a lovely review on facebook…..

“Fantastic speedy service, beautifully made lighthouse on driftwood. Absolutely stunning X will definitely buy from again xxx”


To end a busy week, tonight I completed an unusual commission.                            Another neighbour presented me with a piece of Lapis that they are particularly fond of.  After seeing my work, they could suddenly envisage a lighthouse on top.  It was left to my imagination. I am really pleased to report that they were very happy with the results. image





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