Fresh Start

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Fresh Start.

The unique shape of this driftwood, houses the old and the new so perfectly.

We all feel like we need a new beginning at times. Even Lighthouses need a Fresh Start ! The original lighthouse took a battering on that fateful night, that will never be forgotten Unbelievably souls were saved. She fiercely hung on and gave out a strong light, hour after hour. Her lamp shone proudly all through the night. Until finally the new day broke the storm. The new dawn bathed her in an eery light. Silent sadness looked on, she had given her everything. Nobody will ever know how she done it. We can only hope that the secret remains in the strong foundation that lies beneath. For we must believe in the new lighthouse. A Fresh Start!

This driftwood was collected in Hampshire from the shoreline of the Upper Hamble River, August 2016 Lighthouse handmade and painted by me. NB. Colours may appear slightly different in reality. Driftwood Art, Unique Gift,

Source: Fresh Start

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