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img_0973Every Lighthouse has a story.

Whilst the Old Norse Pile seemingly breaks up before our eyes. Long will it remain the Old Norseman of the sea. It’s vastness and strength, a vivid reminder to all. It was a particular raiding party on the East Coast that was to shape these waters. A wealth of unnavigable bays and rivers had been tirelessly explored coast wide. The shallow draft of the Norsemen’s stable craft allowed them to land where none had landed before. A sad and desperate coast long trail of destruction. Of those that were lucky enough to survive, victims shook their heads with unfathomable shock and bewilderment…..

…..Upon leaving Sweden for the umpteenth time, the older Norsemen bragged of their previous adventures. One young lad, a brand new, fresh faced crew member listened, wide eyed in silence. To him their tales sounded very much like stealing, but he knew far better than to question them. They hurriedly neared the shadowy darkened hulk of Old Norse Pile. They should have approached with caution, especially as the wind was rapidly blowing up. However, there were quite a few new faces on board the various longships that night and the elders liked nothing more than to show off. They rounded the rock as quickly as they could, foolishly believing that no debris would lie beyond. Nothing could have prepared them for what they were heading into. The longboats however broad bottomed and stable, were not made to ground out onto rocks. Hundreds of tiny unforgiving rocks that didn’t show themselves in advance, but just waited until the carnage crashed about all over them. The debris was somewhat reminiscent of a a twig in a bubbling brook. The Norsemen of that particular raiding party, met their demise that night. The water was far too cold and they didn’t stand a chance. All but one Norseman! Perhaps it was his youthful fitness that saved him. When the locals had found him washed up ashore, he was barely alive. They welcomed him into their homes as if he was one of theirs. Passing of time and an awful lot of patience saw him grow strong again. Eventually there was no longer a language barrier, kindness and love overcame all. Today, the tale is still told of how Old Norse Pile got its name and why it is now home to a lighthouse. It refers to the kindly Norseman that lived for many a year. He wasn’t like all the rest, all of those that had come before. It speaks of his goodness, his knowledge of right from wrong. That night, it saved his life. They remember him with great fondness. The lighthouse was built to save many more lives in his memory.

Source: Old Norse Pile

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